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Posted by Ann Bennett on 11/16/2017

Want to relocate to a condo? With assistance from a real estate agent, you should have no trouble moving into the condo of your choice.

Employing a real estate agent with condo experience is ideal, particularly for property buyers who are considering condos for the first time. However, it is important to note that not all real estate professionals with condo experience are created equal, and some stand out for all the right reasons.

Ultimately, there are several factors to consider as you search for a real estate agent to help you find the perfect condo, including:

1. Expertise

How many years has a real estate agent been assisting condo buyers? Does a real estate agent know how to get information from a homeowners' association (HOA)? And can a real estate agent set up condo showings at your convenience? These are just a few of the questions that condo buyers need to consider before they employ a real estate agent.

As a condo buyer, there is no need to settle for a subpar real estate agent. In fact, real estate agents with condo expertise are available across the country. And if you conduct a comprehensive search for the right real estate agent, you should have no trouble finding a real estate professional who can guide you along each step of the condo buying journey.

2. Communication Skills

How does a real estate agent keep in touch with his or her clients? Try to find a real estate agent who provides regular updates throughout the condo buying process. This real estate professional will make his or her clients a priority and do whatever it takes to help them get the best results possible.

Ideally, you should be able to get in touch with a real estate agent via phone, email or text. And if a real estate agent is unavailable, you usually should expect to hear back from him or her within a few hours at most.

A real estate agent who is readily available will be able to provide you with the condo buying support that you need, any time you need it. As a result, this real estate professional can keep you up to date about new condos as they become available, the state of negotiations with a condo seller and much more.

3. Client Satisfaction

Are past clients satisfied with the support that they received from a real estate agent? Ask a real estate agent for client referrals to find out.

Reaching out to past clients can provide you with a better idea about how a real estate agent will assist you during the condo buying journey. That way, you can determine whether you will feel comfortable working with this real estate agent or if you should consider other options.

Dedicate the necessary time and resources to find a great real estate agent to help you find your dream condo. By doing so, you can move one step closer to making your condo ownership dreams come true.

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Posted by Ann Bennett on 11/9/2017

Many people think of their first home as a ďstarter home.Ē This refers to a home that is fairly small and typically is for young people who are just starting out in a new phase of life. These types of homes are generally not thought of as ďforever homes.Ē Many times, as families expand, they will move on from their starter homes to bigger and better homes. This includes living in desirable neighborhoods and adding extra comforts that the first home may not have had. Other times, people expand on their starter home in order to make more room for children and the needs of a growing family. These homes truly are jumping off points. Studies show that the idea of starter homes is disappearing. It could be that the requirements of first-time homebuyers are changing and therefore the types of homes that are being sought after are few and far between. The expectations of buyers have increased greatly. Buyers would like adequate space and hope that their first home is not only in a great location, but ready for them to move in without much work as well. Really, buyers are looking for everything anyone would want in their forever home in their starter homes. So, is it a smart idea to search for a starter home, only to move a few years later? The answer is multi-faceted. Starter homes are typically the homes that you can afford at the present time in your life. If you decide that you can save up longer and go for the house you really want, that may be a smarter financial decision for you. Thereís always an option to wait for more homes to go on the market while you rent a place. If you do decide to go for a starter home, hereís some tips for you: Donít Try To Get Everything You Want For A Low Price Buyers tend to have wish lists of the things they desire in a house. While thatís a great idea, donít expect to get everything you want in your starter home. Manage your expectations along with the cost of the home. See Where You Can Expand Many homes have great potential, but buyers have what they see set in their minds and fail to see what can be done in the future. Look at homes with open eyes and picture the possibilities. Know There Will Be Work Involved Purchasing a starter home means that youíll usually need to participate in home improvement projects. Donít go for a home that needs major work done if youíre not up for the challenge. Typically, youíll need to be able to get your hands dirty by doing things like changing out wallpaper, painting walls, or sanding cabinets. These are the little projects that make your house your own.

Posted by Ann Bennett on 11/2/2017

This Single-Family in Pittsfield, NH recently sold for $310,000. This Cape style home was sold by Ann Bennett - KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY / Metropolitan.

530 Tilton Hill Road, Pittsfield, NH 03263


Sale Price

Full/Half Baths
All the charm and character of an older home without the maintenance worries. This 2,146 square foot custom built reproduction Half Cape was built in 2000 with all the modern amenities you're looking for as well as giving you the fine details and classic qualities that are difficult to find in a newer home. The private location offers the best of both worlds, too. Nearly four peaceful acres with wonderful field, flower bed and mountain views are on the paved country road and less than 18 miles to Route 93 in Concord. Manchester is a convenient commute as well. Route 28 is just an eight minute drive making the recreation areas of The Lakes Region a short distance away. Walking inside this immaculately well maintained seven room home you'll find plenty of natural light, three bedrooms, one of which is a first floor mater suite, two full baths and one half bath, wide pine floors, detailed trim, fireplace with wood stove and a kitchen with a breakfast area and gorgeous views from the windows. There's ample storage over the two bay garage, full basement and generous walk in attic. Rural zoning and plenty of space makes it a possibility to build a barn for toys and/or farm animals.

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Now more than ever itís important to take personal steps to decrease your carbon footprint on the earth. As world leaders make plans to decrease carbon emissions worldwide, the threat of climate change can seem distant and far away. However, we are already seeing the beginning of the devastating effects it will have on the earth and humanity alike.

One of the ways that homeowners can reduce their carbon footprint is to turn to alternate forms of energy production, like wind and solar power. In this article, weíll discuss residential solar power, its benefits to you as a homeowner, and the different options you have available.

Why go solar?

Aside from the vitally important environmental aspect we mentioned above, rooftop solar is becoming increasingly beneficial to homeowners. Not only are many homeowners seeing their electricity bills cut in half, but leasing programs make installing panels a zero-liability issue for homeowners worried about damage to the panels or to their roof.

Solar technology is constantly improving. In the very near future, consumers will be able to move entirely off the grid when it comes to producing electricity for their home.

Teslaís Elon Musk recently announced a fully integrated solar rooftop that he claims will be as affordable if not cheaper than a regular roof. The bonus? The power that Teslaís roofs produce will be able to be stored in an integrated battery.


Homeowners are often worried about the way their homes will look with solar panels on them, which is a valid concern. Fortunately, new technology has made solar more visually appealing than ever. Soon, homeowners will have the option of choosing between different styles of solar roofs that look like regular shingles.

Alternatively, if you donít want the solar panels at your home at all, there are currently companies that allow homeowners to utilize off-site solar panels for their home. This is ideal if your home isnít in a position to receive much sunlight, or if you just donít want to have to deal with the panels being on your property at all.

Thinking ahead

When considering solar, you also have the future to consider. Not just of the planet, but of your wallet. Solar is an investment. If you plan on paying off your solar panels within 10 years, you could end up with years of free electricity, which adds up.

Similarly, many solar programs offer a guarantee that your rates wonít go up or they will rise slower than standard utility companies. So, even if you canít afford to buy your solar system outright, you can still invest in the long term.

Helping the economy

Fossil fuel defenders often claim the loss of jobs associated with the increase of the renewable energy industries. At the same time, jobs to manufacture, sell, install, and repair solar and wind power are skyrocketing.

Regardless of which option you choose, reducing your carbon footprint is doing your small part to help the environment for your children and grandchildren. And, it can save you a lot of money in the long run too.

Posted by Ann Bennett on 10/26/2017

Clearly, as it regards your house the most important views are the ones inside your home. Coloring, design, lighting and artwork can have a direct link to how you feel about your house. Believe it or not, these same elements affect how you feel about what you see outside your house as well.

Fall in love with what's outside your house

There are great outdoor home views that you can only get during certain seasons. Topping the list of seasonal home views that people love are:

  • Snow covered mountain peaks that salute the sky are breathtaking. Mountains that are kept natural and away from ski resorts showcase virgin snow. They lend a community a feeling of innocence. They add light and fascinating natural, picturesque scenes to a neighborhood.
  • Falling leaves that land atop gurgling creeks add color to outdoor views.
  • Raindrops falling slowly down the side of an elegantly designed building can be intriguing at the start of spring. Combined with the sight of the falling raindrops is the sound of the rain gently tapping the ground.

Other home views that people love can be spotted year round. Some of the best views are within walking distance of treasured locations in popular cities like Paris, New York and Honolulu. How many of these great home views are right outside your house?

  • Red clay that stretches for miles across the desert
  • Ocean views that let you watch waves kick up white rolls as they move in and out from the shore
  • Gorgeous wild horses relaxing or running freely at a horse farm next door to your house illustrate how beautiful it is to live freely, to truly live the life that you most want to enjoy and experience.
  • A wide, sweeping view of a major metropolis or city like New York is the type of view that people pay millions of dollars for.Locations like Manhattan, Miami and London offer such views. They often don't come cheap though. But, they are worth it, offering so much excitement, vibrancy and beauty.
  • Open trails that stretch across an open terrain for miles bring nature and wild animals into plain sight. You might see squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, wolves, bear or mountain lions walking or running nearby.
  • Waterfalls are hard to top when it comes to beautiful outdoor views
  • Valleys that are filled with wild flowers, small wild animals and flowing waterways

Live near a great outdoor view and you may love your house that much more. You also might find yourself spending more time outdoors, exploring the area that fills you with so much satisfaction each time you look outside.

You could buy a house near a great outdoor view or you could buy a piece of property that is located in an area that you love. After you buy the property, you could build a house from the ground up on the property. Be sure to take pictures. The sights that are right outside your home may be rare, definitely worth capturing.